Shoulders & Neck Pain

Do you ever feel that you get pain in the side of your neck? Are you prone to getting headaches? Do you feel that your shoulders are up by your ears? Are you no longer able to turn or twist your neck through its complete range of mobility without their being pain?

There is not always an obvious cause for feeling pain, sometimes the mechanism of injury is not always going to be clear. Although as a Massage Therapist I have treated quite a few clients who have experienced probelms in these muscle groups and these are the reasons I have discovered. Inappropriate stretching, it is always important to perform dynamic stretches at the beginning of a workout and only at the end should you perform static stretches. Not only this but when you are stretching it is important to remember not to overstretch because this can lead to a muscle strain. So you should always make sure that the stretch is only ever light and still comfortable.

If you feel that any of the questions that I have mentioned relate to you, I would suggest that you should follow these tips. To begin with make sure you understand which stretches are appropriate at the start of a workout and how far you should be taking them. Start exercising with a resistance band, I would recommend either a light or medium band as you will need to start strengthing the affected muscles and surrounding muscle groups. The muscle groups that I would focus on include the deltoids, rotator cuff muscles, trapezius and the rhomboids.

Massage Therapy can be a good option for shoulder and neck pain but this is only suggested 72 hours after injury. With massage I can treat the affected areas by reducing tension, provide you more movement, get a better bloodflow to the area and give you some pain relief.

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