Sports Massage Therapy

Are you unsure whether you need to book yourself in for Sports Massage Therapy? Well if you have been taking time off from exercising because the pain has been too great and returned to find that the problem is still there, then yes Sports Massage Therapy can help.

I know how effective Sports Massage Therapy can be because I used to obtain quite a few injuries myself and massage was the only treatment that helped. Sports Massage Therapy helped me get back to a stage where I felt there was no pain when exercising and I know that it can do the same for you.

I will assess your problem and I will create a suitable treatment plan depending on your results. I use techniques that will help your muscles to relax, help release tight spots, reduce pain and increase your level of mobility. I will use my knowledge to work out which muscles have been affected and which muscles are weak and need strengthening.

For all my clients I make sure to teach them some stretches and exercises which I do, which will help them to increase recovery time between the sessions.

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