Rotator Cuff Injury

Do you feel pain in the side of your neck, shoulders, trapezius, back, deltoids and chest? Do you ever feel a tingling going down your arm or up in to your neck? It is also common to feel reffered pain in the front of your shoulder. Restricted movement might be found in the shoulder joints with particular movements, if you think that this sounds like what you may have. Then you may well be experiencing a rotator cuff problem.

For this type of injury I would recommend doing dynamic stretches before exercise and frequently doing dynamic stretching to warm up the muscles during the day may also offer more relief. I would also suggest using a resistance band to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles, rhomboids and the deltoids.

Sports Massage Therapy can help with this common problem because and experienced Sports Massage Therapist can go through an assessment to see which movemnts have a restricted range of movement or are causing discomfort. Having an understanding of which muscles have been affected can help me to find trigger points, discover excess scar tissue and knots by doing so this will give you a great feeling of relief. It is important to know with a rotator cuff problem, that the main source of pain is not always where you think it is, I have dealt with rotator cuff injuries many times and there can be many muscles which need to be treated in order to release the pain.

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