As a cyclist you will likely develop tight muscles in the legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck.

In order to generate power and be able to endure long or fast cycles you need to understand the requirements of the body for exercise. Start your cycle with dynamic stretches this will help to get those muscles and joints moving so to avoid feeling stiff when setting off. Finish your cycle with a gentle cooldown and static stretches. It is important to perform this cooldown to help the blood pressure slowly come back down to your resting heart rate and stretching afterwards will help with tired muscles. An exercise I would recommend is the plank, this is great for strengthening the core and preventing back pain, start by holding this exercise for 30-60 seconds.

Sports massage is highly recommended for cyclists because it will reduce tension, promote better blood flow and prevent scar tissue from forming. Having massage on a regular basis you will be of less risk to injury, any minor soft tissue dammage will be dealt with sooner before it becomes a problem and you will achieve a better athletic performance.

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