Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Illiotibial Band Syndrome or sometimes referred to as Runners Knee can cause considerable pain around the knee, the front of the knee cap and down the outside of the leg running from the hip to the outside of the knee.

What works particualry well for this problem is stretching, strength training, warming up, cooling down at the end of exercising. Foam rolling can be very effective for this too, you should roll up and down the side of the leg.

Sports Massage Therapy is the most effective treatment for this problem, as there will be small tight areas in the muscle which will need to massaged out to relieve the pain and stretch the muscles out. When you have Illiotibial Band Syndrome, this band gets very tight and having this be released can cause an instant relief. I will help release tension in the surrounding muscles, the attachment points and the tendons all of which will have been contributing to the problem getting slowly worse over time.

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