Group Training

Our GROUP TRAINING has something for everyone - plus we workout INDOORS & OUTDOORS:-

CIRCUITS - Still the most effective allround training as it works the whole body

STEP - Step Up training is a popular group activity that mixes cardio with balance

GET FIT - Work at your own pace with a mix of exercises that really work

LOSE WEIGHT - You can lose weight with friends and feel great about doing it

GETTING OUT - Build self esteem and confidence working in a group

FUN GROUP - You can have fun whilst burning fat and building muscle

SOCIAL GROUP - Training is an opportunity for people to make new friends

TEAM SPIRIT - Share encouragement when you're working out together

MOTIVATION - By training with your friends you can help each other to get fitter

REGULAR - By training with your friends you are more likely to turn up for each class

SAVING - Gives you a total body workout without being committed to a gym membership

Group Training brings people together who have similar goals and interests - AND IT REALLY WORKS!!

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