Back Pain

Has your back become stiff, are you restricted in your movement and do you feel yourself having to lean to one side to compensate for pain you may be feeling?

Sore, rigid backs can be very common but treatable if you follow the right steps and seek the right treatment. It is important to do dynamic stretches as well as perform a slow easy warm up prior to doing an exercise routine. If you have recently injured your back I would recommend the RICE treatment (Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate). Ice can be really useful, I would recommend frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel this should be done for no longer than 10 minutes. I would also suggest taking time to stretch your back when you can to gain more movement.

I have been specializing in back pain and have found that massage can be very useful in getting rid of back pain. Often a back will be very rigid and solid making it very difficult to get deep into the muscles. It makes sense that a back which is very stiff and allows no give when pressing into it is going to cause discomfort because there is minimal movement to be found. With massage I can help warm up these muscles and get deep enough into them where I can then break down scar tissue which can often be found.

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