Fibromyalgia is a long-lasting condition which causes pain throughout the body. The precise cause of Fibromyalgia has yet to be properlly discovered but there are some suggestions to why it might have occurred. Some suggestions include, naturally occurring through the result of your genetics or through trauma. These types of trauma may include having an accident, experiencing a stressful life-event or being in labour.

Expected symptoms of Fibromyalgia can include pain in the soles of the feet, headaches, easily bruised, limited range of mobility, aching muscles, energy levels may feel reduced and memory problems which is also referred to as fibro fog.

When treating Fibromyalgia often medication and fitness are the only suggestions offered to people suffering with this condition. I have discovered though that massage can make a tremendous difference. I have now treated Polymyaglia and Fibromyalgia clients and have heard positive feedback from every client that I have treated. Massage can be an excellent way of relaxing those painful muscles, it promotes better blood flow, improves mobility, reduces pain and leaves the muscles feeling really good. With regular massage the pain can be maintained which will benefit with every day activities.

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