A runner will often push themselves to their limit, sometimes they do too much to soon or adapt their running style to get a better personal best. Runners will also get sore and tight over time because of the impacts the body experiences from running on hard terrains or from overtraining.

To be able to regularly run without pain I would encourage you to follow these steps. Always start your run with dynamic stretches and warm up exercises, you should perform both. After finishing a run, rather than just coming to halt finish with a cool down. What I find works best is walking for a few minutes at a good pace and then end the run with static stretches. My additional tip is to check that you are running in correct footwear and keep an eye out to see when you need to discard them because of wear and tear.

Sports massage, this is a must if you want to push yourself to your maximum effort and still be able to keep running hard with. With the use of regular massage you will be preventing injury from occurring and you will be reducing tension which will build up. Reducing this tension will aid in removing restrictions and will prevent scar tissue from developing.

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