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I have 7 years worth of experience as a personal trainer. Over the years I have worked with a variety of clients and I have helped them achieve a variety of goals. I use a lot of different techniques and strategies as a Personal Trainer. I do this because even though one exercise might be effective for one client that's not to say that it will effective for another even if they share the same goal.

I take in to consideration what my clients likes, dislikes, expectations and goals are, then with this in mind I create personalised workout plans. I know that is important to keep the workouts personlised because I understand that each person's body is different and that no single workout plan is going to achieve the same results for everybody even if they share the same goal.

I find it best to test my clients fitness levels within the first session to see what they find challenging about exercise. I try to make sure that I change the sessions around reguarly so to incorporate new exercises and so to also keep it enjoyable for my clients. All of my clients will receive a food diary and I am happy to give them exercises that they can do between sessions.

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