Youth Fitness

I have always been fascinated in Health and Fitness but really started to become disciplined when I was 14. The sports that we had as options at school I had not been interested in and it was only when I got a bit older that I discovered a wider variety of sports options.

It was only when I was introduced to cross-country, basketball, swimming, badminton and attending the gym that I got a real desire to want to join in. So if you believe that your children are struggling to maintain a good level of health and fitness then maybe they just haven't found the sport that really engages them.

I believe that fitness is important because it gives you a good sense of wellbeing. It gives you a reason to want more for yourself because you are always pushing to achieve your next goal. Having Personal Trained since 2010 and having worked in schools since 2014 I have been working with children for over 6 years and within this time I have seen many positive changes.

Matt Haynes

Telephone: 07495 738218


Availability for Massage & Personal Training

Monday to Friday: 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Saturday: 8.00 AM to 12.00 PM

I offer mobile Sports Massage Therapy and Personal Training services in MY WORKING ZONE around the Christchurch and Bournemouth area. Personal training can be completed in the comfort of your own home or using outdoor spaces.

MY WORKING ZONE: Places within 3 miles of Bournemouth or Christchurch: Sandbanks, Parkstone, Westbourne, Charminster, Winton, Townsend, Springbourne, Boscombe, Southbourne, Tuckton, Highcliffe, Mudeford, Burton, Bransgore, Somerford, New Milton, Barton-On-Sea and Walkford.

EXTRA TRAVEL COSTS: Please note that if you are situated outside of the 3 mile radius from Bournemouth or Christchurch, an additional fee will be applied to the cost of the service to cover petrol costs and travel time. This will be calculated fairly using distance in miles outside of my usual working zone.

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